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Learning improvement system

Habilmind considers Learning as a complex process that is influenced by a series of factors:
  • Cognitive
  • Physiological
  • Socio-emotional
  • The quality of the teacher and the center
  • The family and the environment
With the Habilmind platform, the Educational Center analyzes these factors individually and proposes improvement strategies, both at the individual level of each student and at the group level.

How do we improve learning?

  • Pedagogical tests

    Battery of tests for all students. We measure socio-emotional, physical-neurological and cognitive factors. MORE

  • Survey system

    Several types of surveys, where the work of teachers and the center itself are analyzed. MORE

  • Family Dynamics

    Help and involve parents in the learning process of their children. After the test, parents receive a personalized report with suggestions. MORE

Learning management panel

What does the orientation department get?

Habilmind is a tool addressed to the Guidance Department.

The counselors see facilitated their work as they have powerful tools that allow not only to analyze all students in a simple way, but also to have additional information by course, group or stage.

Habilmind allows the elaboration of strategies and involve teachers and tutors.

Habilmind is focused on the real and practical improvement of student learning.

  • Elimination of proof correction work

    The Habilmind Platform performs automatically the correction of the pedagogical tests. After carrying out the corresponding test, the results can be seen and checked immediately.

  • Increase of psychopedagogical interventions with students

    By eliminating the correction work, the department can concentrate on the intervention on the students at individual and group level.

  • Increase of the importance of the guidance department

    By being able to analyze all the students and focus the work on the intervention, the Guidance Department will increase its specific weight and its indispensability in the center.

  • Involving principals, teachers and parents

    By analyzing all the students, group strategies can be established, course, stage, etc. The objective information provided by the platform serves as an engine of change by quantitatively exposing existing pedagogical needs.

  • Influencing the real improvement of learning

    The Habilmind platform has been conceived for the practical and real improvement of Learning. Everything you will find in it has a direct utility. We provide all the necessary tools to promote change in the center.

  • Increase the prestige of the center

    Strengthen the Guidance Department by analyzing all students, establish pedagogical strategies based on the results, improve the quality of the center and provide educational improvement tools to the parents of the students, increases the prestige of the educational center.

  • Involving parents and teachers

    The measurements and diagnoses of Habilmind have an immediate effect: clearly expose deficiencies or areas for improvement. As Montagne said “What cannot be measured, cannot be managed”. With the reports and suggestions it is possible to establish a systematically planned strategy.

  • Excellent ratio benefit-cost

    Habilmind is very competitive. We offer a service whose price is not a barrier to entry. We are less than half the price of other more rudimentary systems and we have more added services than the competition.

What do the center’s principals achieve?

Information is power. Habilmind reports can influence the direction of a school. Quality surveys offer the vision and analysis of a large number of indicators, not only from a quantitative point of view, but qualitatively.

Habilmind is ultimately a powerful control panel. From it, the manager can know the situation of their center in pedagogical aspects, teaching aspects and even get to know what are the habits of the families of their students.

With all this information a more effective management can be carried out, furthermore, the accomplishment of the center’s objectives can be achieved.


Change of paradigm: habilmind analyzes all students

Why analyze only a percentage of students if we can reach all?

New technologies allow us what was previously very laborious: to have almost all pedagogical reports from the students in a center.

Automatic: at the time of completion of the tests in the computer lab we already have the results

Quick: in less than an hour we can have pedagogical information of a whole group of students

Pedagogical tests for 90% of the students
Surveys for 100% of parents and teachers
Surveys for 75% of students
Family dynamics for 100% of parents

More about Habilmind

Relationship between basic competences and Habilmind

The concept of “basic competences” defined in the Spanish Organic Law of Education has brought about an authentic revolution in the way of understanding teaching. Now it is not enough for students to acquire the knowledge, they must know how to apply it to real life, contextualize it and understand it in a global way. Read more

Tests “LEA” of the community of Madrid and Habilmind

From the website this test is described as “The Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Test, aims to check the knowledge of students who finish the second year of Primary Education. The test, both for the area of ​​Spanish Language & Literature and for the area of ​​Mathematics, has two different parts: a written part and an oral part “. It also suggests a series of recommendations to develop these skills in students. Read more

How does Habilmind help detect ADHD?

Statistically there is between 3-7% of children with this syndrome worldwide; but the intensity of its manifestations and the negative social repercussion that it generates, forces to have a knowledge of the causes and different educational interventions. Read more

Multiple intelligences and Habilmind

Both Guilford and Gardner agreed on the individualization of measurements and interventions considering personal differences. Gardner’s intention with his work was to break the conceptual monopoly of the IQ or general factor to defend the specific factors of intelligence, where Guilford, Sternberg and Gardner are located. Read more

Relationship between Habilmind and cooperative learning

Cooperative Learning in the classroom aims to organize the activities carried out by students in a social and academic experience. The idea is to ensure that the exchange of information between students becomes the motivation for achieving the objective academic results. Read more

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